About Kim

“Kim has an intuitive ability
that goes beyond the
technique into a place of
deep healing.” - Michelle

I have found that magic happens when that special connection is made: when practitioner, modality and timing line up to become the next best step in moving us forward.  When we feel seen, heard and understood, a space is created for deep healing and transformation.  I find craniosacral therapy to be very heart centered, touching mind, body, and soul.

In addition to my CranioSacral skills, I bring you my experience in psychology, counseling and the Waldorf Schools. I am also an active explorer of the healing arts, communication and spirituality. I love the outdoors—hiking, sailing, gardening, downhill skiing and spending time with family.

Move into the Joy You Were Created to Experience! Most of all, I love supporting individuals in discovering there’s more out there than the pain they may feel stuck in. It’s exciting to watch the body and emotions open up and release what’s no longer needed. I invite you to see if CranioSacral Therapy can help you move into a greater joy! 

My Training

I’ve had the honor of training with a number of gifted practitioners, including those who specialize in working with children and pregnancy.  I am able to bring this variety of experience and knowledge to my practice.
Carol Phillips, DC
CranioSacral/Myofacial Therapy, Level I-IV, December 2004-Octobr 2005, including Prenatal & Pediatric; Dynamic Body Balancing, Level I-III, March 2006-December 2006, including Prenatal & Pediatric December 2004.

Upledger Institute
CranioSacral Therapy, Level I, May 2007; Craniosacral Therapy, Level II, March 2015; Somatic Emotional Release, Level I, Sept 2015; Brain Speaks I, Nov 2015.

Leonid Soboleff, MD
CranioSacral Emergence, Level I, May 2007; CranioSacral Therapy Evolution, Level II, July 2008.
Benjamin Shields
Cranial Pediatrics, Newborn-age 2, June 2007
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