RESOURCES: These are practitioners I have used or who have been recommended by clients and friends.  As with all healing work, you need to find the practitioners and modalities that work for you.  Enjoy the exploration!!!!  These are practitioners I have used or have been recommended by other clients and friends.  I recommend people who’s work I find valuable.  As with all healing work, you need to find who fits for you.  Enjoy the exploration!!!
~Teresa Stewart

~Michelle Motto

~Andrea Linnes Bagley

~Barb Bergman

~Dr. Abby Bell

~Dr. Jodi Bakkegard-Karels (S. Mpls)

~Dr. Angela Bremer (Mtka)

~Dr. Michael Head (Shoreview)

~Dr. Channing McKinley (St. Paul)

~Dr. Tye Moe (St. Paul)

~Dr. Eric Schmitt (Bloomington)

~Dr. Abe Voyen (Golden Valley)

Functional Medicine
~Dr. Mark McCarthy

~Dr. Melinda Morgan

~Dr. Angela Bremer

~Dr. Matz

~Dr. Keith Prussing

Physical Therapy
~Kinetic Institute


~Feel Better Function Better
~Dr. Mike Enz

~Tooth by the Lake


~Terri Delany

~Laura Barbeau

~Leslie Prairie

~Joi Thomas

~Colleen Moore

Pregnancy, Child Birth, Postpartum
~Minnesota Birth

~Childbirth Collective

~Minnesota Families for Midwifery

~International Cesarean Awareness Network

~Breast Feeding Inc

~Common Sense Breastfeeding

~Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Minnesota

Vaccine Information
~Vaccine Decision. info

~National Vaccine Information Center

~Vaccine Awareness Minnesota

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