Roa's Story

When we found out that our baby boy, Roa, had developmental issues, we sought out any and all therapies that might help him progress. CranioSacral was one of those therapies.  After Roa was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, I was blessed to meet Kim.  Roa has always been a “high needs” baby- fussy, reflux, muscle tightness, sensory issues.  Since working with Kim, Roa has taken on a more peaceful existence.  The tightness of his arms and shoulders has decreased greatly and he is more open to bearing weight on his arms.  Roa is so happy to see Kim at every appointment.  I know HE knows that she helps him!

When Kim suggested that we further help Roa’s development by her treating me, I jumped on board.  Boy, am I thankful I gave it a try!  CranioSacral work with Kim has helped me let go of a lot of my anxiety, grief, and guilt over Roa’s disability.  I find that the art of cranioSacral can best be described as a “massage of the soul”. My husband is now next in line to treatment!   I feel very fortunate to have Kim in our lives as part of our weekly therapy routine.  Thanks, Kim!

Update after a session- “I just had to tell you that Roa slept the BEST ever last night.  He went down at 8:30 as usual, but slept until 1:00am when he needed a diaper change, ate and went back down until.... 6:20AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   When I checked on him at 6:00am (cuz I couldn't stand it!)  he was sleeping on his back so peacefully!
Thank you for such a great session yesterday!!!!   
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