Child Testimonials

“CranioSacral therapy with helped open up my son to homeopathic remedy that he had recently been given.  It is amazing to see the synergistic effect of these two gentle, non-invasive modalities.”
~ Michelle

When asked if any changes were noticed after experiencing a CranioSacral session, the statement was made, “I used only two or three Kleenex’s a day and before I used to fill a wastebasket!” ~ 10 yr old Daily Allergy Sufferer

“After only a few sessions, my 2-year-old was notably calmer and happier.” ~ Rosemary

“Sam rode his bike for the first time today. I don’t think it’s any coincidence!” ~ Mother of a child diagnosed with Aspergers

“When my son Benjamin had severe migraine headaches, CranioSacral work would relax him - it seemed to almost right things gently.  It induced sleep and he usually awoke headache free.  When he suffered from abdominal pain, working with Kim was the one constant that was peaceful and immediately effective.” ~ Heather

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Adult Testimonials

“Kim brings technical skill, professional integrity, and a fine, caring heart to her work.  All this to the benefit of those who are fortunate to work with her.  She is focused on each individual’s situation, listens, ‘sees’, and feels into how to support the best in them.  She offers comprehensive family care.  It is a pleasure to work with Kim and to recommend this excellent resource for healing, health and well-being.”  ~ Wes Vaught, transformative craniosacral sessions and trainer

“For me, CranioSacral Therapy is like a massage for the Soul.” ~ Jennifer

I had a most amazing cranial sacral session with Kim yesterday.  Her skills have developed to a high level and she got me unstuck easily.  A beginning practitioner would have had a tough time with this pattern but she knew right where to go and all her study, focus, intuitive knowing and trusting in her own remarkable abilities were shining; I was the lucky recipient.  She really helped me.” ~ Julie

“Kim is an amazing and gifted healer.  A few sessions after my car accident helped me heal so much faster.  I’m now back to my normal activities without head and neck pain.  This has been life changing for me.  It’s incredible how much change can happen when it is so gentle and peaceful.” ~ Kris

“CraniSacral therapy has brought my holist health to a new level, a calmer, inner peace that has helped me understand my body better.  It has been a great compliment to my chiropractic & nutritional experiences.” ~ Linda

“For me, Kim’s work has tapped my emotions and brought to the surface things I’ve hidden in my body allowing me the opportunity to move beyond these blocks.” ~ Heather

“After a session, I notice a shift in my body. I’m less tense and I feel more connected to myself.” ~ Laura

“Kim has an intuitive sense that goes beyond the technique and into a place of deep healing.”
~ Michelle

“CranioSacral therapy has really helped me break down some barriers in my healing.  Sometimes you need to get to the root of the problem, and through some guided meditation, I was able to recognize some things I needed to do, which included taking a trip to the other side of the world.  Going to Cairo, Egypt was a trip of a lifetime.  I got so much out of it on so many levels.  Sometimes we have fear that needs to be recognized and dealt with before we can move on.  Thanks Kim!  I would have never had the confidence to do it on my own.” ~ Manel
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